Nordic Medical Clinic Assistance in Ijuries, Disease and Emergencies (NMC-AIDE)

Nordic Medical Clinic Assistance in Injuries, Disease and Emergencies (NMC-AIDE) is
a distinct service wherein Medical support can be reached via phone, video
conference or electronic mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuous service
for remote location. The controls of vessels in navigation with sick or injured seafarer
on board can contact NMC AIDE.

It is wise to always consult promtly NMC-AIDE, in case of injury or acute disease,
even for seemingly insignificant symptoms, which may evolve into more serious
conditions. One contact is established, if there is a need for video conference, we
communicate through Skype for Business under the account

NMC-AIDE advices on the appropriate treatement of the crew. After initial medical
mamnagement has been done, and additional treatment is required, NMC-AIRDE keeps
in contact with every ship that has asked for assistance, following up the progress of
the patient until his recovery or evacuation to the hospital on shore.