Educating Seafarers

Promoting Holistic Health on Board


NMC Offers a wide range of out-patient services for overseas workers and seafarers

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NMC Provides Holistic Health Education to all patients using an interactive online application

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NMC Brings 24/7 Tele Medical Assistance to Marine Vessels thru online Medical communication

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About Us

The Nordic Medical Clinic is a pre-employment clinic for seafarers committed to provide top quality employment medical services and promote holistic health education for our clients and partners. This goal is fueled by its vision of a healthy and health-empowered society while contributing to the success of the company.

In Nordic Medical, health is not only checked prior to boarding, but it brings health and helps maintain health onboard. Established in December 2017, it is equipped with state of the art medical equipment and clinic information system designed not only for process excellence, but more importantly to minimize human intervention in laboratory processing to eliminate errors and maintain the integrity of its medical results.

As a pioneer seafarer clinic that offers a unique structure of health education, Nordic Medical strives to become the leader in maritime healthcare by understanding the needs of its customers and seafarers. In leading and teaching a healthy lifestyle, maintaining the integrity of our results and understanding the needs of our customers, Nordic Medical will revolutionize the maritime health industry, one seafarer at a time.

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